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henderson prestressed concrete, INC.  

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Mike Vincent has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience in central Florida including supply and installation of specialized mechanical equipment for residential construction.


Mark Spence 

​​Five years experience with prestressed concrete fabrication,

​  ACI  Concrete Strength Testing Technician 

  ACI Grade 1 Field Testing Technician

  ACI Grade 1 Field Testing Technician

   ACI Aggregate Testing Technician
  PCI Level 1,2,3

  FDOT CTQP Concrete Field Technician Level 1
  FDOT CTQP Concrete Lab Inspector Level 1
  FDOT CTQP Concrete Field Inspector FL

   CMEC/FPCA FDOT 450 Specification  



Travis Mauer



Dirk Henderson 

Over 30 years of prestressed concrete experience.

​   ACI  Concrete Strength Testing Technician 
   ACI Grade 1 Field Testing Technician
   PCI Level 1,2,3 
   FDOT CTQP Concrete Field Technician Level 1
   FDOT CTQP Concrete Lab Inspector Level 1
   CMEC/FPCA FDOT 450 Specification ​

Our Staff

HPC's Quality


   Our highly qualified, certified Florida leam has over 35 years of casting experience.  

   HPC's production facility is overseen by our PCI-Level 3 QC Manager.   

   Our products are reviewed for quality and contract compliance by our certified and experienced staff using a four step process; (1) Pre-pour review, (2) Concrete Placement and material testing, (3) Post pour product review, (4) Material Tracking and documentation.

   The quality of each concrete pour is tested at our in-house  CMEC certified laboratory for 2, 7 & 28 day strength by an ACI Certified Concrete Strength Technician.